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Invest in Sports Park

The business shall commence once the existing building is renovated as a Youth Center, along with the construction of a new clubhouse and a modern tennis facility. The future of the 10-acre site holds many promises in terms of expansions and thriving business opportunities!

The Premiere Central Play Hub in Illinois

Sports Park will be a central play hub, replete with modern recreational facilities such as a clubhouse, a youth center, and three tennis courts. The three tennis courts can easily be converted to accommodate other sports activities such as soccer, Pickleball, and basketball. The Youth Center may be used to hold youth activities and sports, or as a venue for almost all events and holidays.

Pickleball, Lacrosse, Soccer and So Much More

Prime Location that’s Perfect for Families and Busnesses

Land for Apartments and Other Housing Options

Year Round Activities and Facility Allow for Fun Anytime

Tennis for All Ages

Sports Park will utilize a Quick Start Tennis Format, complete with specialized tennis equipment to accommodate juniors aged 10 and under, beginners, seniors, special needs individuals and those with disabilities. The tennis court dimensions are also perfect for playing Pickleball, one of the fastest-growing sports in the US. Sports Park outdoors are excellent venues for casual picnics and for added playing fields. Furthermore, Sports Park will be working with charities in assisting schools and non-profit organizations.

The First Indoor Court of Its Kind

The Northeast Lake County has over a hundred outdoor courts, yet it has no indoor court to speak of. The Sports Park is the first modern indoor facility, with a combined 125′ x 160′ 20,000 SF for the tennis facility, a 2,400 SF for the Youth Center and a 30′ x 30′ space in the clubhouse. It’s the perfect business opportunity for investing in.

Progressive Tennis Programs Hosted In Modern Facilities

Sports Park will host the Randy Malone Tennis Program. Randy Malone is a 30-year veteran and tennis-coaching expert. Some of the programs offered are Summer Tennis Camps, Mixed Doubles, Dynamic Doubles, Stars Youth Programs, Turbo Tennis, Friday Night Live, Fast Feeds, Point Leagues, Travel Teams, Socials, Tournaments, and Special Events. The said tennis program maximizes revenue and playing space. While most doubles play produced around $30 to $40 of revenue per hour, Randy’s program produces around $100 to $120 per hour.

Sports Park is located at a strategic point with maximum visibility. The 10-acre ground is located at 33640 N. Atkinson Rd, Grayslake Illinois. It will have utilities for driveways, traffic lights, pedestrian walks and plenty of extra land for future expansions. Sports Park is also conveniently located near 3 high schools and 2 middle schools, all of which are active in tennis.

Invest in a Bright Business Future, Today

Now is the perfect time to invest in an indoor tennis facility that has a low land cost and can produce more profits with its progressive cardio tennis program. Once completed, Sports Park will be a landmark commercial enterprise with close ties to community support. With an excellent location and superior tennis programs, Sports Park will be the place to play in Illinois!

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